Ride the Way You Drive with the C.19 gearbox

Ride the Way You Drive with the C.19 gearbox

With the German-built Pinion C1.9 gearbox and electronic Smart.Shift system, riding the Mercedes-AMG F1 Rallye Edition blends the ease of riding a powerful electric bike with the thrill and technological advancements of a Mercedes-AMG F1 car – letting you ride like you drive. This innovative powertrain significantly enhances any cyclist’s experience by creating a bike that’s more efficient, enjoyable, and connected to the ride.

Ease of Use

The Smart.Shift system makes perfect gear swaps whenever needed, so cyclists can be completely immersed in their surroundings, planning the optimal line through corners and taking in the scenery as it flies by, without ever needing to wonder if they’re in the right gear. 

The Rallye Edition’sautomatic shifting also helps riders get the most out of every pedal stroke. By continuously adjusting the gear to match the riding conditions and terrain, riders will notice that they’re pedaling at a consistent cadence. This helps to reduce muscle fatigue and is especially helpful on longer rides and in varied terrain when shifting is more important and more frequent. 

Automatic shifting is particularly good for new cyclists and anyone transitioning from high-performance vehicles, where automatic shifting is expected. There is no learning curve with the system, riders can simply get on and pedal even without knowing anything about shifting technique. There’s also no need to worry about any sudden changes in gears, which can be jarring with non-automatic systems – with Smart.Shift, riders are always in the right gear!  

Get The Most Boost Out of Your Motor

The seamless, low-drag transition between gears is one of the most immediate benefits of Smart.Shift and the Pinion gearbox. Much like a formula car’s automatic transmission, the Pinion C1.9 system shifts gears based on your speed, cadence, and terrain, to ensure that you’re always in the right gear to get maximum and efficient power transfer from the powerful electric motor. 

Automatic shifting also helps to reduce overall strain on the motor and battery. The system’s built-in power savings mean riders can go further on each charge than they could on a non-automatic bike, even when using the powerful Race mode.

Because the shifting mechanism is completely internal, riders also get the benefit of a sleek, low-profile, quiet, and maintenance-free belt drive, which replaces a traditional bicycle chain. The thoroughly modern belt drive contributes to the bike’s overall efficiency and creates a solid-feelingdirect link between the pedals and motor in a way that chain-drive bikes can’t replicate. The belt drive system also has fewer parts that require maintenance or replacement, meaning that your Rallye will keep you on the road for years to come. 

Thoroughly Modern

The Rallye’s Pinion gearbox, Smart.Shift system, belt drive, and powerful motor system represent a step toward the future of cycling and electric bikes, where technology plays a crucial role in enhancing the riding experience, and allows bikes to disappear under riders. Thanks to all of its technology, Rallye isn’t just a way to get around, it’s a sophisticated, user-friendly vehicle that adapts to its riders.

There’s nothing left except to ride it like you drive.