Company Profile

The electric Micromobility market is currently saturated with undifferentiated products that focus on a utilitarian commuting purpose, instead of delivering rider excitement.

We believe Micromobility will go the same way as the motor vehicle over the last 100 years, inspiring the creation of famous marques such as the Ford Mustang, Mercedes-AMG, McLaren F1® – iconic performance cars from brands that were motivated by a passion for driving performance.

Our mission is the same - to develop Micromobility products that are fast and fun.

n+ down-streams motorsport innovation to Micromobility. We partner with World Championship winning Formula One Teams to apply the latest in drive trains, electrification, composites and components to create a new high performance Micromobility segment.

n+ has invested over $10 million in R&D over the last two years to create some of the most desirable consumer products on the planet. All our products are engineered from the ground up;

  • Completely bespoke: genuine brand engineering
  • Innovative: market first features driven by automotive and motorsport innovation
  • High Performance: products at the ceiling of the regulatory environment

n+ is backing the automotive sector to lead Micromobility innovation, with the 
Automakers forecast to spend over $500 billion on electrification over the next 5-10 years.

Our brand partners’ deliver us a global platform for success with over;

  • $100 billion in brand equity
  • 110 million social media followers
  • 16,500 dealerships worldwide