The Consumer may have rights in relation to Goods under the relevant state or federal consumer laws. Nothing in these terms and conditions excludes or restricts any of the Consumer’s statutory rights. Where the Goods are not purchased for personal, domestic or household use, we may limit the Consumer’s remedies to replacing or repairing the Goods or reimbursing the Consumer for the cost of repairing or replacing the Goods.

(1) The warranty offered by us applies in the event of a structural defect in the workmanship or materials at the time of receiving the delivered Goods, the Consumer shall be entitled to request from us to repair the defect or to supply replacement Goods (as ordered) which is free from those defects. This warranty is limited to defective workmanship, materials or goods and excludes normal wear and tear.

(2) In addition to the statutory warranty and guarantees, we voluntarily grant an extended warranty of two years

Warranty Part**
Warranty/ Guarantee Period*   
Carbon   Frame   
3   years   
2   years   
Wheel   rims/hubs   
2   years   
Bars/   stems/ seatposts/ seat clamp   
2   years   
Brake   levers/ calipers/ cranks***   
2   years   
Batteries/   controllers/ motors   
2   years   
2   years   


* Only applies for material and processing defects that already existed on delivery where proof of purchase is provided and any guarantee period that exceeds the legal warranty period in the relevant jurisdiction is limited to the original owner and excludes additional costs of transport, duties, and assembly/disassembly. This does not apply to normal wear and tear, misuse, accident, neglect, corrosion, damage in transit or improper assembly.

** All parts not specifically abovementioned are subject to wear or are consumables and are not covered by warranty including tires, spokes, bearings, brake pads, chains, belts, sprockets, bottom brackets, painted surfaces, saddles, handlebar tape, rubber inserts, bolts, threads, sliding bearing surfaces, non-rechargeable batteries, and pedals.

*** Third party components such as SRAM and Shimano are warrantied directly by those manufacturers.


(3) Without any limitation of the statutory warranty rights of the Consumer, our voluntary warranty is subject to the following additional conditions:
(i) The warranty does not cover damages caused by inappropriate or unspecified use for the particular Goods as described on our website, including:
- neglect of Goods (lack of care and maintenance);
- failure to properly install or assemble the Goods or use a properly qualified technician for repairs or maintenance;
- use of any of the battery or electrical systems in a manner which is not expressly specified;
- modifications to the Goods which are not expressly specified;
- mounting and alteration of additional components that were not expressly approved by us or replacement of our original components with non-identical components;
- crash;
- jumps; or
- excessive loads of any other kind.

(4) We may refuse to remedy defective Goods in the manner requested by the Consumer if such remedy would result in unreasonable costs.

(5) We reserve the right to repair Goods or replace them with a new model. In the event that it is necessary to change the model we will endeavour to replace them in the original colour subject to availability. Should the original color no longer be available, it may be that there are deviations from the original color.

(6) Guarantee rights are limited to the aforementioned and any additional incurred costs (such as assembly, transport, duties and taxes etc.) and additional costs for assembly or material due to a model-change are not covered. Within the framework of our voluntary guarantee, the Consumer shall bear these costs.

(7) Our guarantee is valid only for the original Consumer who purchased the goods.